Survivor Bracelets for Anja Lessing


“A heart of faith is anchored in the unseen.”

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Survivor Bracelets for Anja Lessing

To take action in honor of Mandela Day in 2020, AOM formed a trauma support project partnership with The Go Purple Foundation. The set has 3 handmade bracelets consisting of maroon wooden beads with crystals, and 3 different charms.

  • Colours: Maroon
  • Charms: Tree of Life, Anchor, Infinity

Anja Lessing Survivor Story

On 17 November 2012 Anja was attacked in her own home by 2 men. She was beaten in the face, strangled and then raped. She was taken to the bathroom and told to wash! Threatened to be killed if she does not behave, she was raped again. After the rape, they stole many of her belongings and took off with her car. Anja was left tied up, masking tape over her mouth and severely traumatized. She thought about her children and in that moment she #CHOSE LIFE. Her faith carried her and today she gives HOPE who has to start a new life after been raped. We are celebrating her life!

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