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Fundraising for Zelmarie Venter – Right Hemiplegic and Speech Appraxia

Zelmarie Venter - Cerebral Palsy

Zelmarie`s story:

Zelmarie Venter was born at 35 weeks with an oxygen problem. The umbilical cord was wrapped once around her neck, and she had to stay in NICU for 3 weeks before she could go home.

“The doctors never gave the impression that she will have problems or that there are any problems. She was kept in NICU because she was struggling to suck and swallow her milk. As the months went by we came to realize that she was behind on her milestones. She was always stiff on her right side. She only sat by herself at 1 year and 1 month and never crawled. She only started to walk when she was 2 years and 8 months old.

Zelmarie is 3 years and 7 months old. We don’t have a Medical Aid, and through people we knew and met, ended up taking her for Therapy at New Hope School without a formal diagnosis. They recommended a Paediatrician who saw her once and diagnosed her as Right Hemiplegic and Speech Appraxia.

We as her parents want to make her life better and easier by getting a formal diagnosis from a Paedatric Neurologist but we are both unemployed and we do not have a Medical aid. Her case is not as severe as other children with the same diagnosis and the therapists think that with time she will get better. “

By supporting our bracelet initiative you can help to raise funds to help pay for Zelmarie`s ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can change the world, one bracelet at a time!

Fundraising for Zelmarie Venter

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The “Walking with Butterflies” Bracelets for Zelmarie consist of pink and purple wooden beads with silver and diamante fillers. Charm options: Diamante Butterfly / Tree of Life / Bible.

To place an order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. Please remember to use “Zelmarie Venter” as reference.

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