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Fundraising for Isabella Pippie Kruger – Burn Victim

Isabella Pippie Kruger

Pippie`s story:

In 2011 the Kruger family planned a new years eve celebration with friends and family like most of their fellow South Africans. Their lives changed forever in an instant as a container of fire lightning liquid exploded, and little Pippie got burned beyond recognition. She defied all odds and survived the burns that covered 80% of her body. 

Isabella Pippie Kruger became South Africa’s first burn victim to undergo skin grafting. A procedure where 40 pieces of cloned skin, flown in from the USA, were placed on her severely burned body. Read Pippie`s story here.

Today Pippie is a survivor, a hero to many and a true inspiration. She is currently on the Family Hope Center program, and is showing significant progress. Follow Hello Pippie on Facebook for regular updates on her journey.

Pippie still has a long way to go, and needs lots of medical treatment and therapy. She also needs to see the Family Hope Center Specialists once a year, and is undergoing various types of therapy in Johannesburg on a regular basis.

Update 27/11/2020: Pippie is still on her old program with the Family Hope Center, but it has been 3 years since she last saw them.They really want to take her back to get a new program as well. She is talking so much more and also trying to do little things herself. She can`t sit or stand or walk yet and so they really want to get her a new car seat as well because her`s are really getting too small now. She is still on a full ketogenic diet and only on natural supplements and CBD oils which is helping her so much. But otherwise she is doing good and growing up like a normal girl heading into her teens.

Fundraising for Isabella Pippie Kruger

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