Fundraising for Owen Jansen Van Vuuren – Brain Tumour (DIPG)

Owen`s journey:

Owen Jansen van Vuuren was born a happy, healthy baby boy, and developed as any normal boy would for the first few years of his life, but sadly that changed very suddenly in mid January 2020.

One morning Owen woke up and mom, Candice, noticed that his left eye had starting squinting inwards. Concerned that he may be developing a weak eye she took him for eye tests and were told that he needed glasses. They applied for glasses for him and went on with life awaiting the arrival, which has still not happened. 

At the beginning of February they noticed that Owen`s balance was affected and they took him to see a different doctor. Fast forward to the beginning of March, his moods became rather bad and he started drooling a lot. They took him to a total of 6 different doctors who all said that they suspected an open space lesion and that he should have a CT scan.

They went to a government hospital for 4 weeks in a row attempting to get a CT scan done, but every time, and no matter what they would give Owen to sedate him, it had the opposite effect. Candice even tried sedating him at home and once sedated, putting him into the car and having the hospital on call to be ready for them, but this also did not work. 

They were then forced into a national lock down and cautioned from attending the hospitals because of Covid-19. 

Once in level 4 of lock down, they immediately made an appointment at yet another doctor who then gave them a referral letter for the Charlotte Maxeke hospital. The very next day she took Owen in and the staff managed to get the CT scan done. The neurologist on call insisted that Owen be booked for observation as he suspected a tumor at the base of the brain stem.

Owen was kept at the hospital for 4 days without any visitation from family because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Candice managed to get him transferred to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. At the hospital they did an MRI scan and diagnosed little Owen with a rare brain tumor called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). With a poor prognosis. 

The head of Neurology is of the opinion that radiation would be the only option, which would only work for a period of time; but after doing some research she found out about a trial drug that many have used and had great success with.

With your help we can raise funds for Owen to receive radiation and the trial drug. Together we can and make a significant difference in his life going forward; together we can change his world.

Fundraising for Owen Jansen Van Vuuren

Silver Lining Bracelets for Owen; consisting of yellow and grey wooden beads with crystals – and Cross, Love and Tree of life charm. To place an order, contact the agent in your area or shop online. Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome.

“Behind the clouds the sun is still shining… Never lose sight of your silver lining.”

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