Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans – Autism

Nickholis` story:

A quick visit to the GP for an ear infection turned into an eight year long nightmare when the doctor noticed that his head circumference is very big. Nickholis Kleinhans was seen by 18 different doctors and specialists, underwent 2 CT scans and 1 MRI scan, and blood tests for any possible syndrome or disease; but no one could exactly tell what is wrong with him. Doctor number 18 made the Autism diagnosis.

An Autisctic Child in a Non-Autistic World

Nickholis` parents couldn’t accept that their son will be disabled for the rest of his life so they kept on searching for answers.

They learned about the Family Hope Center in Philadelphia, who helped to give 15 000 children, over a time of 35 years, a future. After lots of research, they found that the Center can help give their son the normal life he deserves. The Family Hope Center comes to South-Africa only once a year. With God’s grace Nickholis has been on the Family Hope Center program for a few months and his life quality has changed dramatically as a result of this program over a short time.

▶ Nickholis needs to be seen by the Family Hope Center specialists once a year. These appointments costs $5600.

▶ His parents are in need of accommodation and transport as well for the time being of the appointments, since the Family Hope Center sees their patients in Gauteng, and they live Oudtshoorn, Western Cape.

▶ Nickholis has to be on a very strict, expensive diet for this program to work at its full potential.

▶ He needs Cranio Sacral Fascia therapy which is in another town, away from where they live.

▶ They are also in need of a Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber – this therapy is essential to Nickholis’ healing. The closest Mild Hyperbaric facility is about 400km away and a session is very expensive.

▶ Furthermore, Nickholis needs to take daily supplements as he uses high dosages of medication to suppress the symptoms.

Fundraising for Nickholis Kleinhans

Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets for Nickholis; consisting of gold, bright blue, and red wooden beads – with a Bell, Joy or Dove charm – each combined with a Puzzle piece. To place an ordercontact contact the agent in your area or shop online. Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome.

“No matter how puzzled life seems to be; always keep your joy, be a free spirit, and seize the magical moments.”

Never did I realize how many autistic children there are in this world, and how much sorrow and pain there are in these families; anxiety, despair… I ask you today to share this “Mission” far and wide with all your friends and acquaintances. Make it your job today to become actively involved so that we can NOT only help one child with proper treatment – but help as many as possible at the end of the day. The parents of these children have not chosen this path themselves, but I know in my heart that they are “Super Special” because Jesus Christ chose them, and entrusted them with these children. God sometimes has a way to hide the most beautiful treasures in the strangest places. Please get your community and schools involved. Lets go BIG on AUTISM!Karin Harmse – Founder, Arms of Mercy NPC

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