Fundraising for Maléke Pieters – Congenital Melanocytic Nevus (CMN)

Maléke Pieters

Maléke’s story:

Marochelle Foxcroft found out she was pregnant in February 2018 with Maléke; she never had any complications and it was a perfect pregnancy.

Maléke was born on the 26-09-2018, weighing 2.6kg – emergency C-Section.
In the delivery room they noticed that Maléke had a big birth mark on her back, but mom did not think much of it because she was exhausted and so excited to be holding her.

Things changed the next morning when the paediatrician informed the family that Maléke has a condition called Melanocytic Nevus. She was admitted into NICU immediately, and Marochelle had to return home without her baby.

Melanocytic Nevus is usually a non-cancerous disorder of pigment-producing skin cells, commonly called birth marks or moles. It can be rough, flat or raised, can exist at birth or appear later. Rarely, melanocytic nevi can become cancerous.

In Maléke’s case, her birth mark may become cancerous or may not be cancerous in the long run; one out of a hundred can become cancerous if it is not removed. Her parents are not yet sure what the exact procedure is, but want to remove it as there is a risk of it becoming cancer. There is a technique that they can do with Maléke, which is implanting a medical balloon into her back to raise the skin to stretch it which makes it possible to remove. This will be 3 operations over the course of 5 years.

At first Marochelle did not want anyone to know or see these marks on her baby girl, but it is really hard to hide them. There are so many small marks all over her little body and head. Counted roughly, the small ones on her legs adds up to 37 little marks, some dark ones and some light ones; so she decided to share her story as God created Maléke this way, she is unique and so beautiful.

Maléke turned four months old on the 26th of January 2019. She has a normal life, goes to school and does what every baby is supposed to do.

Update January 2020: Maléke was scheduled to go for a biopsy on 27 December 2019, but as for a wound that did not heal, the Dr was scared for infection to spread (if it is infected). On the 8th of January, Maléke was taken to the Dr because she did not sleep well the night before, that spot was just itching way too much and probably hurts. So as per the Mole mapping Dr that normally does her scans, he said it might be best to operate on that piece, and it would be a step in the right direction. She will be meeting with the plastic surgeon on the 17th of January 2020.

Join her Facebook group for live updates on her journey, and help us raise awareness about CMN by proudly wearing your awareness bracelets!

“No matter how unknown the future may be, there is always hope and love in abundance.”

Fundraising for Maléke Pieters

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