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Fundraising for Logan Treurnicht – Brain Injury

Logan Treurnicht - Brain Injury

Logan`s story:

“Hello, my name is Logan Treurnicht, and I am 8 years old. I live in the Western Cape (Moorreesburg) with my family, my mom, dad and two siblings. Although I am very handsome and look like a perfectly normal boy, I have a disability. It’s a scary word to most people, I have a brain injury.

My story starts on the weekend I was born. My mom went into labour on Friday the 16th of September 2011 BUT I wasn’t born until that Sunday the 18th via emergency c-section. Mom was left in labour with me from the Friday morning around 11 o’clock until Sunday morning 4:45am when the doctor delivered me via c-section. I got hurt then, but mommy and daddy did not know.

I was such a good baby, that for a while nobody had an idea there was anything wrong with me. I grew, I had my milk, I cried, I slept just like all the other babies. As toddlers develop and progress, start crawling and doing baby stuff, I never did, was it just me, or did mom see it too?

I was never able to sit up straight on my own for a very long time, but mom never left me. She was always there with me, making sure I didn’t fall over on my face… I heard the googoo-gaga sounds, but it was mom making them, it wasn’t me, why wasn’t I able to do that?

I didn’t start walking until I was 18 months old… I NEVER crawled. When mom would put me on tummy time I would cry and start turning blue around my lips, and mommy would try and get met to just crawl a bit, even if it was 10 cm. But I could not get my baby body to move.

I only recently starting eating on my own, it was NOT because I don’t want to, I can’t work with a fork and knife my hands won’t let me. My hands are constantly shaking and I am unable to do normal things.

As other children play with toys, it doesn’t interest me. I have a short attention-span when it comes to doing normal things like reading in a book or colouring in. I don’t understand what it means to draw or colour a picture. What do building blocks do? I am blessed to have my own tablet and enjoy watching videos online or playing my puzzle games or listening to the word games. When we visit Zani (my cousin) on the farm, I also like sitting on her trampoline, being quiet and looking around me.

When I fall over I will hit my head or fall flat on my face, that’s why I don’t run. I don’t know what it means to stop myself when I fall over, my brain does not tell my body to do that.

I am a big brother, a big boy. But I still wear diapers. I don’t know to tell mom I need to use the loo, I don’t know how to, I have no words to speak.

Grandpa always talks about going fishing someday, with a fishing rod and all… Maybe someday I can go with them when they play golf or even hit a golf ball on my own, but for now I am a silent witness to all the things normal children my age enjoy doing.

Dad has a lot of tools, he is a mechanic. If I was a normal little boy maybe I could work with him on the car, get my little hands in those tight spots my daddy’s big hands cannot get in to. Get my hands dirty, show mom I can do it to, show her that I can be a big boy too. She would be so proud.

In all the days I have been with my family, I haven’t spoken one word. My mom and dad have never heard me say “I LOVE YOU” or “THANK YOU” or “I NEED A HUG”. I communicate by making sounds and most people don’t understand me. When I shout to get mommy or dad`s attention because I see something that caught my attention or see someone I recognise, the people who do not know me think I am naughty and want something I can’t have.

It’s only my family that really understand me because they are with me all the time. Mom is my caretaker 24/7 and I have no idea what I will do without her, she changes my nappy, give me food and always know when I am sick and don’t feel well. Dad works very hard and long hours to provide for us, but his salary can only cover as much.



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Fundraising for Logan Treurnicht

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Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Logan Treurnicht.

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