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Fundraising for Janco Koorts – Cystic Fibrosis

Janco Koorts

Janco`s story:

Janco Koorts was was born in 2017 with no signs of illness. He was a healthy, happy bundle of joy. In 2018, the family was given a promise of building a new future in Georgia (Western Europe). They resigned from their jobs and sold everything in order to go.

They were super excited about this opportunity, but once they`ve arrived, everything was not as promised. They simply had to make the best of the situation, and started a small convenience store with a partner.

During this time they noticed that Janco started developing a bad cough and was losing weight rapidly, but the doctors only prescribed antibiotics. His weight continued to drop and they made the decision to come back to South Africa for better medical assistance. They asked the partner of their convenience store to sell the shop as they needed the money to come back, but he refused to do so.

The family managed to return to SA and and doctors started treating Janco for a case of bad pneumonia, but this did not help and he was sent to Kimberley government hospital, where he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. In Kimberley it went from bad to worse and Janco eventually ended up at Uitenhage provincial hospital, where they saved his life at that point.

Janco is currently at Red Cross hospital in Cape Town where they are treating him. His parents are still unemployed and they are staying with family in De Aar. Without a car, their biggest struggle now is to get Janco to the doctor. Treatment and travel costs are sky-high, and there are also other expenses that they simply can not afford.

Update 25/02/2020: “Janco is doing well. All glory to God. He is at Steve Biko hospital`s CF clinic. Janco left the Red Cross hospital with a weight of 9.8kg and height of 81cm. His weight is 11.4kg and 86cm at the moment. Unfortunately he still has staph-bacteria in his lungs. Home treatment still continue with nebs and physio twice a day. The hospital does not always have Janco’s milk (Pediasure) or Vitamins; especially Vitamin E so we have to buy this as he can’t go without his milk and vitamins. Financially it is difficult as only one parent can work and the other parent must take care of Janco at home.” The family currently resides in Pretoria.

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Fundraising for Janco Koorts

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