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Fundraising for Hugo Moolman – Holoprosencephaly

Hugo Moolman

Hugo`s story:

On 12 December 2014 a miracle baby, Hugo Moolman, was born with a cleft lip. His parents felt nothing but perfect love for this little boy. What they did not expect is that more complications will follow.

His first cleft reconstruction surgery started at the age of 5 months. His second reconstruction surgery took place at the age of 7 months. In hospital whilst Adri, his mother, was changing Hugo’s diaper, he turned blue in his face and stopped breathing. The first real live miracle happened on that day.

What felt like hours for his parents, were 20 minutes of waiting not knowing if Hugo Jnr was alive and breathing? They started sending out prayer request for Hugo via SMS and WhatsApp.

When a nurse walked past the parents, she said, “the Doctor will come and talk to you now” and looked away. Her words were not even cold yet when they heard Hugo Jnr cry. It was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Later when they discharged him from hospital Hugo Jnr made strange movements. After consultation it was confirmed that Hugo Jnr had Holoprosencephaly (HPE). HPE occurs when an unborn baby’s brain does not grow forward and divide properly during early pregnancy. Normally, the brain splits into two halves (called hemispheres) during development.

Parents, Adri and Hugo, were broken and sat in the parking lot for hours crying. The parents asked for the prognosis of his condition and the Dr said: “his last patient passed away on her first birthday, but his oldest patient lived to be 12 years old. Statistically he would live for one year only.

But miracles do happen as Hugo will be celebrating his 5th birthday in December 2019! In 2018 the family were blessed to go to the United States of America to visit the Family Hope Centre and their team of specialists who were able to provide them with a very detailed 12 month plan for Hugo Jnr.

The progress since their trip to America has been tremendous. The neurological development they see in Hugo Jnr every day is part of this miracle, and proof that with a healthy diet and with enough intensity, frequency and duration of the correct exercises, any brain injury can heal. To assist Hugo to improve even more, his family must take him to America for an assessment and an adjusted program to get even better.

By supporting our fundraising initiative you can help make a significant difference in Hugo`s life. Together we can change his world, one bracelet at a time!

Fundraising for Hugo Moolman

Hope Anchors the Soul Bracelets; consisting of yellow, silver & dark brown wooden beads with crystals – and a Diamanté ball, Anchor, and Hope charm.

To place and order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Hugo Moolman.

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