Skylar Meyer – Stage II Neuroblastoma Cancer

Skylar Meyer

Skylar`s story:

Skylar Meyer`s journey started on the 27th of June when her parents took her into Margate Hospital to get her belly button checked out due to it changing colour. After about 5 hours of scans and blood tests they discovered a mass in her abdomen.

They were transferred to Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre in Durban for specialist medical attention, and she was admitted in PICU on the 28th of June. The next morning their world fell apart as they were informed that Skylar has a tumor located inside her kidney, basically confirming she has got Cancer – the dreaded words no parent wants to hear.

She was then sent for scan after scan, and test after test, to determine what kind of tumor it was. A biopsy, bone marrow- and MIBG test confirmed that it was Stage 2 Neuroblastoma Cancer.

They decided to do surgery on the tumor on 13 July to try remove it before chemotherapy would start, but due to the size of the tumor, and the fact that it was too close to her main artery, they had to cancel the procedure to do chemotherapy first in order to shrink the tumor as the risk was just too high.

Please open your heart and help us to raise funds for Skylar by supporting our bracelet initiative. All contributions will go towards sterilizing and disinfecting their home, installing air filters at home, a steamer, Skylar’s new eating plan, indoor activities as she will be confined to her home once the Chemo begins, travelling costs for her treatments, doctors` expenses and any medical costs that are not covered.

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“She has the beauty of a princess with the strength of a warrior.”

Fundraising for Skylar Meyer

Warrior Princess Bracelets for Skylar; consisting of baby pink, cream & light grey wooden beads with crystal beads – and a Hope-Cancer Awareness ribbon, Diamante Crown, or small Tree of Life charm. To place and order, contact the agent in your area or shop online. Alternatively, please consider a donation, any and all donations welcome.

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