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Fundraising for Rene-lily Gaskell – Stage III High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer

Rene-Lily-Gaskell - Stage III High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer

Lily`s story:

Rene-lily Gaskell, “Lily”, is a 3 year old girl from Welkom in the Free State, who has been diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma Cancer.

In 2019 she got really sick and was loosing weight rapidly. She complained about a sore stomach, and Dr Briel in Welkom prescribed a pill which seemed to be working as she stopped complaining. Later in July, the pain returned and her stomach was hard and Dr Briel prescribed something for constipation.

When this did not work he sent Lily for x-rays which showed a bump in her stomach. He said it could be a intestine that is blocked and sent her to another child Specialist, Dr Shaleem, who ordered more X rays at Mediclinic. He said it looked like a blockage in the stomach and gave her more meds and set-pills to make her stomach work, which she took for a week, but she started throwing up.

A friend referred her mom, Christene, to Dr Mototo in Welkom. He examined Lily and sent her for an abdominal scan and to see Dr. Dina Darker. The scan showed something that was wrong and Dr Dina sent Lily with a referral letter to Bloemfontein Universitas. The next week she went back for the scan and another Dr found a mass in her stomach, and moved her over to the cancer ward.

Lily went threw so much pain since they found the mass. She also had a bone marrow test, CT Scan and MIBG Scan, urine samples and blood, and after all of that – was diagnosed with Stage III High Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer. There was a tumor on top of her adrenal gland that was pushing her one kidney flat and moving her stomach away. Her stomach was bloated and sore all the time. The tumor was 6 x 11 cm. It has gone down 2 cm in the last few months with 5 chemo sessions.

Lily is busy with the 7th chemo coming up, 17 February 2020, and they are doing a MIBG SCAN again on for another treatment option.

Thus far she has been hospitalized twice since October 2019. She lost her hair with the first chemo, had tonsillitis for the first time, and then got infection the second time, but she came threw it a brave little fighter.

At the moment Christene can`t keep her head above water. She is a single-mother with 3 children. Lily has to go for chemo every 3 weeks in Bloemfontein and costs are adding up quickly. She is not on a medical aid, and sometimes when the hospital does not have any, Christene has to buy it because Lily has a Hickman line in. Financially it has taken a huge tole, as well as impacted her job as she used up all of her leave-days and sick-leave. When she needs to take off, it is with no pay.

The doctors` plan moving forward is to get the tumor small enough to cut it out, and do a bone marrow transplant. Lily is suffering with the chemo. Please open your heart and support our fundraising efforts for this little warrior – together we can change her world, one bracelet at a time!

Update 4 June 2020: Lily had her last radiation this morning, 14 days she was a super star with all of them and laid so still. She has been given a tablet that is almost like chemo tablets and vitamin A tablets that she will start drinking on the 20th of June, and then she will book back in for a CT Scan. She has been so strong the last 8 months; her weight is 12.8 kg now and she is 97 cm tall.

Update 21 November 2020: We received the devastating news that Rene-Lily has relapsed. Please keep Lily and her family in your prayers. Christene is a single “OncoMom” and they really need all your love and support.
They are going through so much now and are facing many trials and challenges once again. Please support our brave little warrior’s bracelet project or donate to assist them financially.

Follow Support Rene-Lily`s Cancer Battle on Facebook for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Rene-lily Gaskell

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Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Rene-Lily Gaskel.

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