Fundraising for Mienke Mulder – Cerebral Palsy

Mienke Mulder

Mienke`s story:

Mienke Mulder choked on milk at her daycare in Nelspruit on the 25th of August 2017. She was rushed to hospital by the daycare as she was already blue in her face. When she arrived at the hospital Mienke was without a heartbeat. Doctors managed to get a pulse after 15 minutes, but weren`t very optimistic.

She was then airlifted to JHB as Nelspruit did not have the necessary facilities to treat her. She stayed in ICU and the doctors at JHB did not think she would make it through the night… but she did! They said that babies in her condition never open their eyes again…. and once again Mienke proved them wrong!

Mienke has Cerebral Palsy, and MRI scans revealed that she suffers severe brain damage. She is now almost 3 years old and still can`t sit, crawl or walk. She still needs a Mic-key tube for feeding as eating food and drinking from a bottle is still not yet possible.

Mienke continues with therapy on a weekly basis, and needs to return to India for a second time to receive stem-cell treatment in 2020. Due to the global coronavirus outbreak it is unsure when exactly she will be able to go. Funds for Mienke`s ongoing medical expenses are running out quickly, and we continue with our fundraising efforts for Mienke so she can get the medical treatment she needs. With your support we can give her a chance at a better quality life, and a brighter future!

Join the PLEASE PRAY FOR MIENKE Facebook group for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Mienke Mulder

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