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Fundraising for Hein Muller – Cerebral Palsy

Hein Muller

Hein`s storyThe wheels to heels journey!

Hein Muller is a 10 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is very delayed in all his developmental milestones and needs 24 hour care and supervision. He was able to walk a few years ago, but sustained a serious injury on his knee after a bad fall accident, and for that reason can no longer walk. However, Hein has taught himself to walk on his knees and that is how he moves around all day, which is only making the injury worse.

Hein had an evaluation done in February 2019 by the Family Hope Center from the USA. In addition to the evaluation, the Family Hope Center team asked Hein’s family to have X-rays done and to send it to their Specialist in the USA. They then informed them that they are able to help Hein to regain the use his legs again (even if it is just to stand up for short times). Hein has seen a lot of Doctors in South Africa with no luck, and this is his last chance to regain the use of his legs.

Some of the procedures that will be done on his legs are as follow:
– Myofascial release of hamstrings both knees.
– Myofascial release of both Achilles’ tendons.
– Talo-tarsal stabilization of both ankles.

The estimated fee for the pre-op care, surgery, and post-op care is about $9000.00 (R124 519.22).

Update 26/05/2020: Due to Covid-19 and the lack of funds to get him to the USA, a local doctor agreed to perform surgery on both of his legs on the 25th of May 2020. All proceeds from the sale of his “Unstoppable Bracelets” are donated towards his ongoing medical care and expenses. Please open your heart to Hein’s journey, this is life-changing for him… small steps in a very big world!

Follow Hein`s Wheels to Heels Journey on Facebook for live updates on his progress and journey.

Fundraising for Hein Muller

Unstoppable Bracelets for Hein; consisting of white and navy blue coloured wooden beads with crystals – and a Four-leaf clover, Faith, or Tree of Life charm.

To place and order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Hein Muller.

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