Fundraising for Diandrè Labuschagne – Congenital Cranial Teratoma

Diandrè`s story:

Diandrè Labuschagne was born on 4 April 2020 with a mass on the left side of his brain. The prognosis wasn’t very good for him and doctors only gave him 7% chance of survival in the first 24 hours, but this little fighter is still going strong.

On his 35 weeks pre-natal sonar, the Gynecologist was concerned about a mass in Diandrè’s head and subsequently recommended that a fetal assessment be done. The outcome of the fetal assessment indicated that he will probably be still born or will only live a few hours. It seemed as if there was no hope for baby, Diandrè.

Mommy was scheduled to have a cesarean section on 14 April with a planned medical team, but on 4 April, Diandrè decided that he’s ready to be born. Mom and dad was asked prior to the cesarean section how far they wanted the medical team go to sustain life, in case the worst would happen. Both Mom and Dad asked the doctors to do whatever they can to save Diandrè’s life.

Diandrè was born on 4 April 2020 at 11:17. To everyone’s surprise he was born alive and was taken to NICU right after birth. On Monday 6 April he underwent a MRI scan showing that the tumor was still there and the prognosis was still not good for this little fighter.

After he was 10 days old he was sent for a CT-scan to see exactly where the tumor was attached to, and to check the surrounding blood flow. A day or two later the doctors were amazed with the outcome of the scan. They couldn’t explain how it was posible that the tumor was now so much smaller, but that it was now surrounded by blood. This was the best news yet.

From there, Diandrè kept on improving as he started his feeding from a bottle. They were able to remove his feeding tube, and he started breathing on his own, with the oxygen being reduced.

The road ahead is still very long and unclear.

On 27 April Diandrè was scheduled for his second CT-scan. The only thing that the doctors can do for him is to operate, but at the moment he is too small and they are afraid that he will not survive such a major operation. They hope that he will be able to wait at least 6 weeks to 3 months. In the meantime Diandrè is on medication for the seizures and goes for monthly MRI scans to monitor the tumor and see how aggressive it is growing.

Financial needs: The family do have medical aid but because of the long stay and the amount of scans that needs to be done, this will not suffice. There will be co-payments to be made as the medical aid does not cover the full cost. They are not in the financial position to cover all the medical bills. Please continue to keep Diandrè and his parents in your prayers.

Supporting our fundraising initiative is way to get involved and make a significant difference in their lives, one bracelet at a time!

Update from Mom, 5 June 2020: “The Neurosurgeon gave us the best news today… Diandrè’s tumor is almost half the size it was at birth, and the bleeding also absorbed nicely. Diandrè’s brain stopped developing as the tumor began to grow in the uterus, but the Dr. says that his brain is developing further. He wants to allow some time until November to see which brain functions will return. We have to watch him very carefully and if we pick up any changes, we immediately have to take him back. If the tumor remains the same size or grows in the meantime, Diandrè will have to go to the theater for a biopsy of the tumor. The doctors are very surprised by Diandrè and his development. He is surely one big miracle.”

Update 9 July 2020: Diandrè and his mom will be admitted on the 20th of July and he will go in for the operation on 21st. The procedure will take up to 6 hours. Unfortunately they can’t wait any longer because of the damage caused by the tumor and fluid.

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Fundraising for Diandrè Labuschagne

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