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Fundraising for Christopher Meyer – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christopher Meyer

Chrissie’s Chrysalis…

When we see Christopher Meyer, we are reminded of God’s perfect order; His unmistakable process, His perfect vision for how things should follow on one another in this event we call life.

Ten year old Christopher is on the Autism Spectrum and is finding himself in an awakening to the world, as though emerging from a familiar cocoon of comfort. He is non-verbal, although he is quite functional in a home environment.

He longs to spread his wings and see what the great big world out there has to offer him.

His greatest challenges, preventing him from doing so, are his severe sensory outfalls, resulting in disorganization of his proprioceptive, interoceptive and vestibular systems.

The therapy required for correction of these issues require patience, gradual and delicate exposure, as well as costly intervention and therapy sessions.

Breaking open the cocoon, Christopher finds himself in with force, is not the answer. Watching him become stronger, confident, independent and self sufficient, the more comfortable he becomes in his own skin, is truly comparable to that of watching life take flight from a cocoon, just as God intended it.

Fundraising for Christopher Meyer

Autism Speaks Bracelets for Christopher; consisting of dark grey, red, blue & green wooden beads – with a puzzle-piece, love, hope, faith or dream charm. 

To place an ordercontact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation towards the cause. Any and all donations welcome. REF: Christopher Meyer.

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