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Fundraising for Anrea Robbertse – Epilepsy

Anrea Robbertse

Anrea`s story:

Anrea Robbertse was diagnosed with epilepsy on the 19th of October 2020. She is such a cheerful toddler therefore her family tries to make her life as normal as possible.

Anrea’s diet had to be adjusted to best suit her condition, and she had to get sunglasses and a sugar testing machine due to the side effects of the medication.

She also needs to visit the pediatrician and undergo ECG annually.

By supporting our fundraising initiative you can help to raise funds for Anrea`s ongoing medical care and expenses. Together we can change her world, one bracelet at a time!

Join her Facebook group for live updates on her progress and journey.

Fundraising for Anrea Robbertse

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The “Princess of My Heart” Bracelets for Anrea consist of light pink and dusty pink wooden beads with crystals, silver and diamante fillers. Charm options: Diamante Crown / Heart / Sparrow.

To place an order, contact the agent in your area or shop online.

Alternatively, please consider a donation; any and all donations welcome. REF: Anrea Robbertse.

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