Fundraising for Angelo Pereira – Osteo Sarcoma

Angelo Pereira - Osteo Sarcoma

Angelo`s story:

Angelo Pereira was diagnosed on the 16th of July 2019, with Osteo Sarcoma in his right shoulder.

In August he started with chemotherapy to try shrink as much tumor as possible, and to be able to remove it safely to save his arm. Unfortunately the chemotherapy did not work. So the best treatment to save his life was to amputate his arm from above the should.

The operation was done on the 15th October 2019, one week before his 15th birthday. He spent 4 weeks in hospital after the operation. At the end of November he started chemotherapy again as he had to finish his protocol.

On the 20th of April, Angelo finished his last chemo and could finally go home that following weekend (back to Upington). He was to ring the chemo bell once lockdown was lifted.

But then, in the beginning of June 2020, Angelo went for a check up where they found another growth. The growth is in the main artery that leads to the heart. They did a biopsy and unfortunately it came back positive for Osteo Sarcoma. On Monday the 15th of June the Doctors are going to sit and discuss what is the best way forward for him as this is a very rare case for them. There is a possibility that he will need open heart surgery.

It has been an extremely difficult time for Angelo and his family. Emotionally and financially. The specialists and hospital they are in now are not part of their medical network and they have already started receiving bills galore.

You can help to raise funds for Angelo`s medical care and expenses by supporting our bracelet initiative. Together we can make a positive difference and change his world!

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Update 1 July 2020: Dear AOM supporters and prayer circle; we ask for earnest prayer for Angelo and his family. We received the news that they cannot operate at all because the tumor in the main artery is too dangerous to operate. He starts radiation today.

“For where two or three are gathered together unto My name, there am I in their midst.” – Mat 18:20

Fundraising for Angelo Pereira

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