Update on Mienke - Dad, Ryno Mulder: 24 February 2018

Update from Mienke`s Dad, Ryno Mulder: 24 February 2018

Vrydag 23 Februarie, ek is dankbaar vir nog `n dag en soveel meer; soos enige Vrydag pomp die opgewondenheid om huiswaarts te keer in my, die 300km kan nie vinnig genoeg verby kom nie. Aangekom tel ek die… Read More

Keanu Going for Surgery

Keanu Going for Surgery: 1 March 2018

Keanu will be having surgery tomorrow (Thursday, 1 March) at Louis Leipoldt Hospital. The tumor on his right adrenal gland will be removed. The doctors are still deciding whether or not it will be safe to remove the… Read More

Update on Mienke: 21 February 2018

Update on Mienke: 21 February 2018

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it!Β  Mienke…. mamma hou jou styf vas vandag.πŸ’— Sjoe…. soveel vrae. Kom ek verduidelik mooi. Mienke het weer gegaan vir n EEG omrede sy steeds so… Read More

Update on Keanu: 19 February 2018

Update on Keanu: 19 February 2018

Keanu is scheduled to have the two tumors removed on the 28th of February at Cape Gate MediClinic. One will be removed with open chest surgery and the other via laparoscopy. Tomorrow Keanu will receive one injection chemo… Read More

Keanu Moore

Why Keanu Still Needs Immunotherapy and How You Can Help

Update byΒ Colette van de Giessen 12 February 2018 — Why does Keanu still need Immunotherapy if tests find no trace of cancer cell in his bones and bone marrow and if the tumors can be removed surgically? NEUROBLASTOMA… Read More

Updates from Mienke`s Dad, Ryno Mulder

Updates from Mienke`s Dad, Ryno Mulder: 12 February 2018

Ek en Verna het sopas n 3 dag konferensie bygewoon van The Family Hope Centre. Hulle spesialiseer in special needs kiddies en leer ouers soos ons metodes hoe om die brein te ontwikkel, dus neoro plasticity aan te… Read More

Mienke`s 1st Birthday

Mienke`s 1st Birthday: 31 January 2018

Post by MariΓ© Kriel Pohlmann, 31 January 2018.   Vandag, een jaar gelede sit n klein dogtertjie met groot bruin ogies, lang wimpers en β€˜n roosknopbekkie op God se skoot. Hy se vir haar: β€œEk gee jou vandag… Read More

Update on Keanu: 28 January 2018

Update on Keanu: 28 January 2018

We got the results! The bone marrow biopsy confirmed that Keanu’s bone marrow is clean! How great is our God! How great is He! A big shout out to all of you who have been supporting us on… Read More

Changing the World One Bracelet at a Time - arms of Mercy - Charm a Child

Update on Mienke`s Treatment: 25 January 2018

Last week Friday I took Mienke to PTA for the stem-cell treatment. The doctor then advised us of another treatment called PRP, this is where they draw blood, and separate the red from the white. The white then… Read More

Mienke`s first therapy session for 2018

On Thursday, 18 January, Mienke had her first therapy sessions for 2018. At first she cried a lot and did not like it at all, but calmed after 30 minutes. Needless to say, the therapists love her to… Read More

Mienke Mulder - Arms of Mercy

Update on Mienke

Mienke was in rehab but is at home now and will receive ongoing therapy. We are also considering stem-cell treatment for Mienke and our first consultation is on Friday the 19th of January 2018. The Arms of Mercy… Read More