Logan Clarke

NEW – Musical Motivation Bracelets for Logan Clarke – Williams Syndrome

Logan`s story: Logan Clarke was only 14 months old when he was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Syndrome – a syndrome that usually affects the face and formation of bones, mouth and throat. He sometimes struggles to calm down… Read More


Fundraiser in Aid of Karlien Roets – Bosman Stadium Brakpan – 5 October

Secure Tech Security has stepped forward and offered to hold a fundraiser in aid of Karlien Roets, along with Brakpan Rugby Pub on the 5th of October 2019. Karlien’s trauma fund from the medical aid comes to an… Read More


#CURE4KEANU: Family Fun Run – Hoopenberg Wine Farm – 29 September

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Join the #Cure4Keanu Family Fun Run at Hoopenberg Wine Farm on the 29th of September 2019 . It`s going to be an amazing day with prizes, raffle with huge hampers and prizes,… Read More

Fundraising for Angelique Du Rand

NEW – Fearless Bracelets for Angelique Du Rand – VACTERL Association

Angelique`s story: Angelique Du Rand was diagnosed with severe congenital scoliosis and thoracic insufficiency due to VACTERL association after birth. This is a rare disorder, and in 2006, quite unknown. VACTERL stands for vertebral defects, anal atresia, cardiac… Read More

Fundraising for Hein Muller - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

NEW – Unstoppable Bracelets for Hein Muller – Cerebral Palsy

Hein`s story – The wheels to heels journey! Hein Muller is a 10 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He is very delayed in all his developmental milestones and needs 24 hour care and supervision. He was able… Read More

Morgan Labuschagne

NEW – In God`s Hands Bracelets for Morgan Labuschagne – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Morgan`s story: Morgan Labuschagne was only 18 months old when she had a wound on her bum that looked like a spider bite, which caused a very high fever that just wouldn’t break. She was rushed to Kiaat… Read More

Divan Conway

NEW – Little Soldier Bracelets for Divan Conway – Lissencephaly, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

Divan`s story: Divan Conway is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with Lissencephaly (smooth brain), Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy (West Syndrome). He currently weighs 29kg, he can not walk or talk at all, and his mum… Read More

Raising SMA Awareness with Kerry Walsh - Arms of Mercy NPC

Raising SMA Awareness with Kerry Walsh

“Life is a beautiful gift and it’s our responsibility to live it to the full, that is what I plan on doing!” – Kerry Walsh “My name is Kerry Walsh, I was born on the 22nd of October… Read More

gebeds versoek vir baba logan

Update: Logan van Aswegen – DRINGENDE Gebeds Versoek

Ons wil groot asseblief vra dat ons Arms of Mercy familie saam met ons sal intree in gebed vir ons liefste klein baba, Logan Van Aswegen. Logan is opgeneem in die hospitaal. Sy regter longetjie raas en hy… Read More

NEW – You are my Sunshine Bracelets for Mikayla Brown – Cerebral Palsy

Mikayla`s story: Mikayla Brown was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 9 months old. She is unable to talk, sit, crawl or walk; unable to do anything for herself. When she was diagnosed, mom had to leave… Read More

Kasandra van Alphen

NEW PID Awareness Bracelets for Kasandra van Alphen – Primary Immuno Deficiency with Selective IgA Deficiency

Kasandra`s story: Kasandra van Alphen (also known as Sannie) is an 8-year-old girl who has been diagnosed with Primary-Immuno-Deficiency and Selective IgA Deficiency. She also has a leaking heart valve, and Chronic Lung Disease (Bronchiectasis). She has loads… Read More


NEW Warrior Princess Bracelets for Skylar Meyer – Stage II Neuroblastoma Cancer

Skylar`s story: Skylar Meyer`s journey started on the 27th of June when her parents took her into Margate Hospital to get her belly button checked out due to it changing colour. After about 5 hours of scans and… Read More


Fundraising Event for Chereez Nel – Boksburg – 31 August

INVITING ALL WOMAN You are invited to attend the next fundraising event for Chereez Nel at Summerplace Boksburg on the 31st of August, 08:30AM. To book a table or per person, please contact Mercia on 0724610322. There are… Read More

NEW Be Brave Bracelets for Joshua Nel – Malignant Aggressive Stage IV Pineoblastoma Brain Cancer

Joshua`s story: Joshua Nel was born by emergency C-section in 2004, at 28 weeks gestation, weighing a healthy 1200g . During his 6 week hospitilization, he had one blood transfusion, three hernia operations and suffered jaundice, to name… Read More

prayers for cathrin botha leukemia

Update Cathrin Botha: Leukemia is back – Urgent prayers and funds needed

Dear AOM friends and supporters, We have just received the very sad news that Cathrin Botha had a relapse; the leukemia is back, Cancer in her bone marrow is 73%. They will be booking in at Universitas Hospital… Read More


Always Believe Fundraising Event for Karlien Roets – Carnival City Mardigrass – 17 August

Great show not to be missed!! Fundraiser event in benefit of Karlien Roets, 3 year old girl with a traumatic brain injury who needs 24 hour home nursing by a care-worker. The event will feature live Afrikaans singers,… Read More

arms of mercy agents and areas update 19 march 2019

Arms of Mercy Agents & Areas Update 10 July 2019

Dear Arms of Mercy friends and supporters, We are happy to announce and welcome Tamaryn Bell, and Simoney Janse van Rensburg, to our dynamic team! Below is the new updated list of agents and their areas. To order… Read More

Fundraising for Logan van Aswegen - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

NEW My Saviour Bracelets for Logan van Aswegen – Infantile seizures, Frontal temporal brain atrophy, Cerebral Palsy

Logan`s story: Baby Logan van Aswegen from Betlehem in the Free State was born on the 10th of July 2018, normal birth and weighing 3.4 kg. A month later his health started deteriorating and his weight dropped to… Read More

Fundraising for Sebastian Stoman - Congenital Heart Defects - Arms of Mercy NPC

NEW CHD Awareness Bracelets for Sebastian Stoman – Congenital Heart Defects

Sebastian`s story: Sebastian Stoman was born on the 21st of March 2019, 8 weeks early. He was airlifted from Bethlehem Medi Clinic to Bloemfontein Medi Clinic at 9 days old where he was diagnosed with 2 “Congenital Heart… Read More

Fundraising for Antoni van Reenen - Cerebral Palsy - Arms of Mercy NPC

NEW Always Smile Bracelets for Antoni van Reenen – Brain damage, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy

Antoni`s story: Antoni is a friendly little boy from Brackenfell in Cape Town. He suffered brain damage at birth due to negligence, and also has Cerebral Palsy and a trachi. Mom, Marili, cares for him 24/7 as he… Read More