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Celebrate Life – National Cancer Survivors Day – 5 June 2022

On the first Sunday in June (the 5th of June 2022), people from around the world will come together to celebrate life and the 35th annual National Cancer Survivors Day! Cancer survivors Day is a day to support, honour and celebrate all cancer survivors, those who have recently been diagnosed, and everyone who has been affected by cancer.

National Cancer Survivors Day aims to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges that cancer survivors face and it champions more research, resources, and legislation to improve their quality of life. Events for the day include meetings of survivors, bake sales, sponsored events, social events, and much more, any fun and social way of fundraising and awareness raising is possible. Organize an event!

Awareness and Support
Cancer survivors should be celebrated and honoured each day! Show your support by ordering and proudly wearing your Arms of Mercy cancer awareness bracelet, t-shirt, necklace or brooch!

One conversation can have ripple effects and may ultimately improve early diagnosis, access to services, increase funding for research, and help reduce feelings of isolation as well as discrimination that so many individuals with cancer face on a daily basis.

Awareness offers hope, and can to lead to more action! Wear yours in memory of a loved one lost,  or gift one to someone close to your heart.

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Make a donation at GivenGain or start a fundraising campaign in aid of Arms of Mercy. You can raise funds as an individual and also as a team! Did you know that on average, a personal fundraising project on GivenGain raises $600? With only 20 fundraising supporters Arms of Mercy could crowd-fund $12,000 ( that`s roughly R168938!).

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