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Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week

Official Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week is the 3rd week of May every year, 19-25 May 2019.

Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week

Not long ago, a mom wanted to show the world that her little girl was just like everyone else with a few added accessories. This led to the creation of Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week. This annual event is now known as a viral campaign to spread awareness of trach patients, their families, and their caregivers across the world.

What is a Trach or Tracheostomy Tube?

A trach or tracheostomy tube is a small tube inserted into a hole into the trachea in the neck. This tube allows the person to breath without using or bypassing their mouth and nose. Some conditions that may require a trach include neuromuscular diseases, malformations of the airway or face, vocal cord paralysis, aspiration, disorders of respiratory control, obstructive sleep apnea, a variety of chronic lung diseases, tracheomalacia, tumors, and many other conditions.

Some children, youth, and adults may need a trach temporarily, while others may need one for a lifetime. Some also need additional support with the trach, such as oxygen or ventilator support, to assist in breathing.


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