Autism Awareness Challenge – Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2018

Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge 2018 - Arms of Mercy Autism Awareness Drive

It’s that time of the year where the brave gets geared up and ready for the Annual 94.7 Cycle Challenge in Gauteng. This year, Arms of Mercy is a proud sponsor for the Brainchild Foundation to bring awareness to Autism and “special needs” children, and we invite YOU to participate in the challenge on our level. It`s really easy:

For EVERY 50 Joyful Autism Awareness Bracelets ordered by one person or company, we will donate R1000 to the Brainchild Foundation  

Please ask your friends, family, even companies to get involved. Together we can make a difference!

NB: Orders must be submitted before the race which will be on 18 November 2018.

Three different bracelets at R30 each. 

The Awesome Autism Awareness Bracelets for Nickholis Kleinhans consists of gold, bright blue and red wooden beads with a bell, joy and dove charm, each combined with a puzzle charm.

“No matter how puzzled life seems to be; always keep your joy, be a free spirit, and seize the magical moments.”

Autism is a lifelong, complex condition that occurs as a result of disordered brain growth, structure and development. It is believed to stem from a genetic predisposition triggered by environmental factors, and affects boys 4-5 times more than girls. Learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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