You are currently viewing 67 Days of Action for Trauma Survivors with The Go Purple Foundation

67 Days of Action for Trauma Survivors with The Go Purple Foundation

#TimeToServe #MandelaDay #ActionAgainstPoverty

18 July is international Mandela Day, in honour of former president, Nelson Mandela`s birthday. The day is inspired by a call to action by Madiba for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices when he said that “it is in your hands now”.

This year, Arms of Mercy is taking on a project partnership with The Go Purple Foundation in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng – in support of the important work that they do in their community, specifically for women and children who have been victims of violence, rape and abuse.

To take action against poverty, we are launching new bracelets in order to raise funds to help grow the Go Purple Foundation Trauma Centre, with the hope of realising it into a Trauma Save Hospital for trauma survivors.

Go Purple Foundation Trauma Centre Objectives

  • To empower and develop our community by knowledge.
  •  To support and mobilize members of our community to speak out against abuse.
  •  To educate the community on abuse and violence (their rights as victims but also there duty as community members to report abuse and violence)
  •  To co-ordinate research programs nationally and internationally.
  • To bring change where there is still discrimination in the SAPS, the Judicial System and all other role players involved in the reporting and handling of cases of abuse, violence and rape.
  •  To discourage child labor and the neglect of children in communities.
  •  To provide support and assistance for families and individuals who is victims of abuse, but also victims of a bad economy (poverty).
  • Seek opportunities to educate and create job opportunities for local members in need.
  •  To provide information through awareness campaigns, seminars and workshops on Abortion; Drug and Substance abuse; Abuse, rape and Domestic Violence and how to report it; Porn and the influence of it on the mind and soul. 
  • To collaborate with different departments especially the Welfare, SAPS, Legal resources and other NGO’S.
  •  To establish more similar centre’s in the entire Gauteng Province and South Africa as a whole.

We are also honoring 5 Survivors with our 67 Days of Grace & Gratitude campaign from 18 July – 22 September – they are Ina Bonette, Lindsay Pistorius, Anja Lessing, Mandy van Tonder, and Leilani Kuter. Click here to view their survivor stories and survivor bracelets.

The Go Purple Foundation was founded by Annari du Plessis, also founder of Crossroads Trauma and Community Center that gives assistance to members in the community who are hurt and failed by role players and even churches for years.

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