Keanu Moore – Neuroblastoma Cancer

Keanu Moore

A Special South African Boy

In October 2017, a gorgeous two-year-old boy, Keanu Moore-van de Giessen, was diagnosed with Stage 4, High-Risk Neuroblastoma Cancer. Keanu was diagnosed with two tumours, one very small tumour on his adrenal gland, and a 3cm mass behind his aorta, against his spine. In addition, he had cancer infiltration in 65% of his bones and bone marrow.

He commenced with the Rapid COJEC Protocol in October 2017 and completed his eight sessions of chemotherapy in January 2018. Around Day 40 of his chemotherapy, his bone marrow was morphologically in remission. His evaluation scans (MRI, CT and MIBG) and bone-marrow biopsy, showed no sign of the disease in his bones and bone marrow. The mass at the adrenal gland has been successfully removed, and the mass against his spine has been reduced to unmeasurable slithers and open-chest surgery is too much of a high risk.

He is now ready for stemcell transplant which must be performed soonest so that he is ready to receive life-conferring Immunotherapy treatment abroad, by the end of September 2018.

The cost of this treatment exceeds R10 million and is crucial to avoid cancer relapse, as the survival rate for relapsed Neuroblastoma patients is less than 5%. The only way his young parents can afford this life-saving treatment is to plead for sponsorships and donations.

We believe that Keanu’s case will drive awareness about this soul-destroying early childhood cancer, and that Keanu’s full recovery will ultimately serve to validate that Immunotherapy should be available to ALL cancer patients in South Africa and be brought into the South African fold of paediatric health care. No cancer patient, let alone a young child, should die because his parents cannot afford the treatment. In the absence of this treatment, Keanu’s survival chance is dismal and the likelihood of his cancer returning is almost guaranteed.

We are in urgent need of R4 millon. With your donation, you will help pay for the therapy that will give Keanu his only fighting chance. That’s one little boy’s life changed, entirely because of you!

Update 2019

Help us raise funds for Keanu Moore

Beautiful Blue Bracelets for Keanu cost R30 each and the Neuroblastoma Cancer Awareness Bracelets cost R35 each. Please contact the agent in your area to place your order here. Alternatively, consider making a donation.

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