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Arms of Mercy is a Christian-rooted non-profitable charity organisation founded in 2017 by a small team of caring individuals, united by the call to service for our children.

  • Vision: To help sick children in need receive necessary medical care.
  • Mission: To provide financial aid to as many children as possible though various not for profit fundraising initiatives.

What We Do

We raise funds for children living with cancer; rare diseases; and special needs though the sale of unique, handmade charm bracelets and other accessories through our agents and the online store;  various fundraisers, events, sponsorships, donations and raffles.

Proceeds are donated towards sick children’s emergency surgeries, ongoing medical care and/or specialised treatment and therapies. Many of these therapies and surgeries are not available in South Africa and costs very quickly add up to millions of Rands.

In today`s economy, very few parents and families can afford this on their own and need all the financial aid they can get, no matter how small the contribution. The Covid-19 pandemic has now hit the world causing terrible circumstances for so many people; and it is affecting our children even more now in so many ways. Supporting Arms of Mercy is an opportunity to help give a child a better quality life, and a brighter future!

Together we can change the world!

Meet the Team

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